St Colmcille’s House/Spire of Lloyd

St. Colmcille's HouseSt.Colmcille’s House

In the heritage town of Kells, Co a small stoned roofed Oratory (St. Columcille’s House). This probably dates from the 11th century. Opinions are divided about its’ purpose: some feel it was a scriptorium (writing room) and others that it was a simple dwelling for a monk. Apparently it formerly contained St Colmcille’s Bed, a stone block on which the saint is believed to have slept. Access to monks’ sleeping accommodation loft is by ladder.

Spire of LloydSpire of Lloyd

Just outside Kells, the first Earl of Bective erected the Spire of Lloyd, a mock lighthouse, in 1791 in memory of his father Sir Thomas Taylor. It is the only inland lighthouse in Ireland and it gives panoramic views of five counties. Group access only and booking is essential.